Mercy West Medical Center
Mercy West Medical Center
is a rival hospital to Seattle Grace Hospital in Seattle, which has been described as on "the other side of town". The doctors have stolen patients from Mercy West quite frequently.

Season 2Edit

Preston Burke and Erica Hahn fought over a donor heart for their patients.

On Thanksgiving, Dr. Kent worked as a temp attending at Seattle Grace, he currently works at Mercy West.

Season 3Edit

An intern from Mercy West named Marshall was admitted to Seattle Grace after causing an accident.

George O'Malley applied to become a resident at Mercy West, he was accepted pending the result of his intern examination. However he failed and instead came back to work at Seattle Grace.

Season 6Edit

As Richard Webber couldn't promote her, Callie Torres left Seattle Grace and became a surgeon at Mercy West instead. Richard was later admitted after being involved in an accident and had an intern, Dr. McKee as his doctor.

Despite rumours that Richard would be leaving to work at Mercy, he soon revealed that Mercy West and Seattle Grace Hospital would be merging together. However, some employees from both Mercy and Grace would be let go.