Katie Bryce
Katie Bryce
was a 15 year old female admitted into Seattle Grace Hospital in Season 1 in the episode A Hard Day's Night.

Childhood and Growing UpEdit

Katie competes in pageants and her talent is rhythmic gymnastics. She was admitted into SHG for seizures. It was later revealed that she was bleeding into her brain. She was operated on and is now fully healthy. Her doctors were Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey. Meredith described her as a pain in the ass. Katie even paged Meredith as a 911 because she was bored. She was mentioned in Season 5, Elevator Love Letter, when Derek had her CT scans and other patients' scans from all their surgeries stuck to the walls of an elevator.


  • Her hospital room number was 3604.
  • In The Spokane Teen Miss pageant, Katie was in the top ten after the first two rounds.