was a rape victim in Season 1 in the episode The First Cut Is the Deepest.

Childhood and Growing UpEdit

Alison has no siblings and her parents are both dead. She moved to Seattle three weeks before she was brought to the hospital.

Personal LifeEdit

When admitted to Seattle Grace Hospital, she was a 25-year old female found down at the park, status: post-trauma, she came in with a GCS of six, BP 80 over 60, exam was significant for blunt head trauma, unequal breath sounds and her right pupil was dilated.

She was admitted when she suffered severe injuries from a rapist. She was not raped as she managed to bite off some of his penis. She went through surgery and was fortunate to wake up, Derek Shepherd suspected however, she would have to spend a lot of time in recovery and rehab.

Romantic LifeEdit

Derek told Meredith Grey that Alison had no family which means she most likely did not have a partner.


  • She had a pair of shoes the same as Meredith.